"From the near caustic and irascible nature of Jack Burke to the whimsical flare of Jimmy Demaret, I hope you will enjoy the stories…"

Step back into the memorable world of golf in the 1950s and 60s―when Arnold Palmer became the first sports star and Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf introduced the average American to the sport. In this tribute to two golfing heroes, the author recreates the world of his mentors.

Pelham started working at Champions club in 1971. The owners, Jackie Burke and Jimmy Demaret, were challenging a crop of younger golfers and amateurs to excel at the game of golf by following in the footsteps of the masters. Burke and Demaret, in turn, had been trained by golfing great, Claude Harmon. Jackie and Jimmy doled advice out to members and employees with the straight-forwardness of locker room talk, spiked with humor and honesty. Tips ranged from switching out beat-up clubs for a better brand, practicing putting with the three-foot drill, and using no wrists to improve a golf swing. Punchy wisdom about going on tour might include advice not to go: rather buy a truck and haul cargo instead. From cover to cover the book is literally a 239-page roast, with over a hundred short glimpses revealing the insight true professionals have in recognizing and promoting talent in a younger athlete.

Pelham has played and competed at the finest golf clubs and courses in America, but to him none holds equal place to Champions. The club membership still boasts local and state champions with more single-digit handicaps than anywhere else. A new generation of golfers will thrill to meet the cast of earthy characters and early legends. Each story is a quick read―for inspiration on or off the golf course. Plus, the index could help readers locate a tale they wish to share with others.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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