"He may save his life and a million dollars yet."

Dante Martino’s wild escapades begin when his brother is found dead and after Dante returns home both for the funeral and to deliver the eulogy. Soon a cast of characters emerges to wreak havoc and sex in equal measure. Relatives, lovers, and criminals swarm Dante, generating a story of intrigue and suspense. At the center is Dante, a charming and adventurous lawyer facing one obstacle after another in pursuit of saving his life and a fortune. With the help of his sister, Rhonda, and her partner Carol, Dante may be able to solve the mysteries of his family’s sudden demise. As the threats close in, the danger escalates for Dante and all those close to him.

With over 600 pages to tell Dante’s story, many facets are explored through multiple plotlines and subplots that weave frenetically to a satisfying conclusion. With humor, thrills, and lots of sex, San Martin delivers a wild and steamy ride through Dante’s romantic and financial entanglements. Each chapter, new character, and unexpected situation keeps the pace rollicking—and the naughtiness ramped up—so that there is never a dull moment, only shocking surprises and detailed descriptions. At times, these descriptions weigh heavy and gratuitous through this expansive novel. Dante’s search for true love attempts to bring into balance his erotic forays and fixation on the female anatomy.

San Martin gives strong voices and points of view to his characters, which add depth to the dialogue and enrich the humorous elements as well as the dramatic plot turns. The author deftly moves from Dante’s romantic love triangle to family dysfunction to a shadowy criminal threat. He pivots with ease from erotica to family drama to suspenseful thriller while maintaining a comedic heart beating through it all.

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