Callula Xu Poetry
by Callula Xu
Trafford Publishing

"Every one of us is a traitor."

To title Callula Xu's poems as "Juvenile" seems an unfair classification, almost prejudicing the author for her age despite the fact her writing possesses a depth and breadth that extends far beyond many writers ten or twenty years her senior. Despite her age, Xu's work has power and strength that is ageless. The author's voice is one that has an artist's curiosity, keen insight, and flexible language style and dexterity displayed in an effortless, seamless way. Simple images, characters, and universal themes—lions, Cinderella, pizza dough, and marionettes—made magical when distilled through Xu's perspective.

Usually a first person point of view, the author attempts insights and styles, rhythm, flat beat and narrative voice in her work. Whether the distant observer, or the direct subject under examination, Xu provides a perspective that is unique as it is insightful, entertaining, and true. Her poem "Truth" is society's long look in the mirror. We are all interlopers and liar, and Xu's words make this image stand out and shine despite its tarnished center edges. We cannot see beyond ourselves because we cannot properly perceive of ourselves as we truly are.

Her poem "Endings" is a work that shows the observant, yet cold way the world watches and looks away from itself when convenient, only willing to put ourselves out after the true test of character has passed. For insight this deep to be given to an artist at such a tender age, one can only be hopefully expectant of her work that will hopefully follow in the near future.

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