Candy Cane Lane’s Story
by Sister Mary Faith

"You are going to have a sweet little girl. Why not name her Candy?"

When Mr. and Mrs. Cane found out they were going to have a baby, they were naturally very excited about becoming parents. Mrs. Cane “held her baby close to her heart,” as they wanted the child to feel so loved from the very beginning. Suddenly, the mother-to-be began craving more and more candy. When she visited the doctor, he laughed and said it was okay to eat a little more candy. In fact, it was he who first suggested naming their daughter "Candy." Candy Cane was born in December and was a very beautiful and sweet baby. As a grown-up woman, she was just as sweet, like candy. She loved people and helping in many ways. A street was even named after her: Candy Cane Lane.

Faith’s story is a loveable and satisfying picture book for very young children. The 73-year-young author, a member of the Missionaries of Charity, has also written poetry, for which she has won an award. Standard stock photography images are used for the illustrations, which gives a somewhat disjointed feel to the book as, for example, Mrs. Cane does not even appear to be the same individual throughout the story. Nevertheless, the passion for sharing the tale of Candy Cane, her absolute sweetness, the many good things she does as an adult, and the eventual naming of the lane after her all shine through by the author’s simple and expressive creation of this book. Surely, Faith’s work will be cherished by many a child and her parents, teachers, or other caregivers—especially during Christmastime.

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