Carry On, Let There Be Light
by Joan Stone
URLink Print & Media, LLC.

"There is a dark place, where we hold pain and fear inside.
Until we realize, we can no longer run and hide."

Each adult determines the direction of his or her own life. A person who chooses to surrender to God will not find life's journey easier but may find it more bearable. These are the two overriding messages in the thirty-six poems in this book. Along the way, the advice continues; no one should be afraid to reach out to others for help as needed. Lastly, everyone should be aware of the dangers of self-pity and remain mindful that one's words and actions can hurt or heal others. Written in simple and memorable rhyming couplets, the verses provided the author with a pathway out of her own difficulty and despair. She expresses her hope that readers will take to heart her counsel to carry on and let there be light. If one person does, she says, she will have accomplished her goal of encouragement.

Stone, a recovering alcoholic, writes with the hindsight of fifteen years' sobriety. Her pieces are mostly encouraging, but occasionally she does not hesitate to remind readers that they are responsible for their decisions and attitudes, good and bad, and to sternly warn them to choose those attitudes with care. A few grammatical errors and misplaced punctuation marks might slightly interrupt the flow of the text. Nevertheless, the feelings expressed are entirely relatable. Ultimately, the author comforts rather than condemns and urges readers to seek God's grace daily. This book is perhaps best suited for an audience of Christian women of middle age who find themselves in the midst of addiction or other struggles.

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