"'The Isles of Light are now our charge, our post, our responsibility to keep safe. It is our promise.'"

Caitlin Mary, Marypat, and Blaze have made the trip from Jamaica to Ireland in order to return her crystals back to where they belong. But with potential villains lurking that would steal the Green Isles for nefarious uses, the trio of tourists must be discreet. Upon discovering the headquarters of M.O.M., Caitlin meets James the Book Smith, who is responsible for keeping the family’s history and secrets. Through a series of visions, James relays to Caitlin the story of Oiloll Olum, a tragic king and his rise and fall from power. Following that come the tales of Lady Mary, a spoiled noble girl whose destiny lies in squalor and hard work, and Drew, a Carthy family member with a mission, a doomed romance, and the magical blessing of reincarnation. Each of these stories, as well as the fourth and final one, illustrates the heavy burden of the Carthy family’s calling.

Tied together by Caitlin Mary’s curiosity and the narrative threads from the other books in the series, this volume contains four fantastical tales that blend the histories of ancient Ireland, the Cromwell regime, and the horrors of World War II. Each section could stand on its own, but in tandem, they follow similar themes of identity, redemption, and unchangeable destiny. Though the times and the locations change, the DNA of this storytelling world is constant, offering readers hopeful romances, heartbreaking tragedies, and a love for the unseen and magical world that lies just beneath the surface of our reality. The pacing is brisk, the details are crisp, and while the settings and historical events are based in reality, the reader is given many opportunities to use their imaginations and fill in the spaces as much as they like, creating a most enjoyable blend of true life and fantasy.

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