Catching Raven
by CB Tucker

"'You did what you had to do to protect our daughter. What happened was not your fault. You have nothing to be ashamed of.'"

Forensic accountant Samantha Raven is the consummate professional. With her partner, attorney Jennifer Mills, they’ve overseen a handful of successful mergers and financial tactics to help their clients’ businesses flourish. Her home life is a little more chaotic, as she raises her 15-year-old daughter Elizabeth as a single mom after her college sweetheart disappeared after impregnating her. Samantha’s latest clients involve crossing paths with a dangerous criminal in control of a local union and a mysterious entrepreneur that takes a keen interest in Sam. As old ghosts from the past threaten to resurface, a very present danger threatens to destroy Sam and her daughter. Now Sam has to try and balance her work life, a daughter in danger, and a foreign yet familiar suitor that seems to know more about her than she does about him.

Chock-full of suspense, there’s a bit of an initial build-up before this story really rockets into its natural pace. But while this exposition can be tedious in other books, the author makes it equally as compelling as the climax. The characters here are realistic, genuine, and interesting. Readers will become invested in nearly everyone they’re introduced to, and there’s the perfect amount of foreshadowing sprinkled in to tease at the kind of action and drama lurking right around the corner. Samantha Raven is driven enough to be powerful and unsure of herself enough to feel human. We see the life she’s carefully crafted broken down between the peculiar Trevor and the sinister Jimmy, and that balance of good and bad news keeps the reader’s emotions swinging on a pendulum that makes this story impossible to put down until the final page. Defying being pinned down by excellence in a single genre, this book is worth reading simply because it’s a supremely entertaining story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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