A Cause to Be Thankful
by Yolanda Shanks

"The fact is God has done miraculous things in each of our lives, and we all should demonstrate a heart of thankfulness."

In this latest installment of the author's Destined to Live, Despite Me series of books written to help survivors of suicide attempts, readers are encouraged to focus on feeling gratitude for all aspects of life. Inspired chiefly by Luke 17:11-19, in which ten lepers are healed yet only one returns to thank Jesus, the challenge is set out in this title that we should express our thanks to the person responsible for every kindness done, particularly God. By showing appreciation to others and the Creator, people will lose their sense of false entitlement, and learn to find the joy in the positive things and the growth stemmed from trials and struggles.

By relating her personal story of surviving suicide into this message of thankfulness and gratitude, the author's conversational, caring tone makes the message of this book aim right for the heart. Chapters are broken up with prayers specially crafted to match the current subject, and verses are provided to give context and serve as reference material for those looking to dig deeper into what Scripture says about giving thanks. Though written with recovering from suicidal thoughts in mind, this title is a great reminder to everyone to show appreciation where it is due for all things from social courtesies to much-needed favors, and even the fact that we wake up each day alive and capable. This book is written in a friendly, non-judgmental manner that many will find uplifting, encouraging its readers to improve themselves rather than filling them with guilt or fear of being less than perfect.

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