The Centerpiece of Love
by Pete Frierson
Trafford Publishing

"What was once mine is now yours - my love is your love, my thoughts are your thoughts, and my dreams are now your dreams."

Love is one of the things that, for many people, is a pivotal aspect of the human experience. From parents to children, among close friends, or with a romantic partner, there's a reason love permeates so many works of fiction and inspires countless people to express themselves artistically every day. In this same vein, this book is an assembled archive of poems that the author has written for lovers, friends, and even those who have departed this world before he has. By immortalizing these feelings in poetry, readers will be brought along on one man's journey through love in his life and will find moments they can relate to, empathize with, and use to grow in their own experience of love.

Each poem in the first part of collection takes just one page, so readers can get through it fairly quickly. The first two-thirds of the book are just assorted thoughts on love, while the final third is dedicated exclusively to remembrances of deceased loved ones and friends. These are a bit longer, but still can be digested and enjoyed relatively quickly. The two sections may seem oddly juxtaposed at first, but considering that remembering or thinking of someone is the foundation of any kind of love, it begins to feel more cohesive. The author eschews a formal poetic structure in order to be able to say what's in his heart and mind, and at the conclusion, it's those feelings that give these poems their strength. Romantics and generous people will enjoy reading about the fullness of the heart from another person's perspective.

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