Chameleons: A Spy Thriller
by Alfred Stone

"They call me Chameleon at headquarters because I specialize in blending in with any kind of suspects that I need to spy on."

Zane Tomlin is an FBI Special Agent in covert investigations who is looking forward to a few weeks off to spend with his girlfriend, Irene. However, his partner Toby Perez is almost killed by a bomb planted at his home, an event which propels Zane into a new investigation. Various suspects in the case are arrested, and Zane expertly disguises himself to pose as a fellow cellmate to get leads. Soon a shipping company using trucks to haul stolen firearms and explosives are detected by the FBI, and Zane is used to infiltrate and spy on them. The suspense builds as Zane and the rest of the local FBI uncover an organized crime ring involving illegal weapons and explosives being sold overseas to be later distributed in the Middle East. The FBI Director of Counterterrorism, the Attorney General, and even the head of the CIA converge on the two main distribution warehouses and begin a crackdown.

The author has drawn a believable scenario of the FBI's methods of infiltrating and spying on suspected organized crime networks. His characters are realistic, brave without being overly heroic, and compelling in their dedication and drive to defeat the crooks. The plot unfolds gradually, with much of the mechanics of investigation and case-building portrayed without too much lag in the unfolding action. The themes are perennial ones in the crime genreā€”greed and ruthless crime battling against the forces of law and order. The author also touches on main character Zane's growing fear for his own safety, especially since he plans to get married soon. Told with a strong eye for description, the narrative rolls along rather seamlessly as it builds up steam. The result is an intelligent and engaging novel.

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