by Jerry Leppart

"The question is, Who am I? Am I Chloe? Am I my mom, Jenny? Perhaps I’m both. Perhaps I’m neither."

When Chloe Murphy discovers the truth about her birth, she faces a personal crisis. She is the first human clone and an exact replica of her mother, Jenny. But who is she really? It is this driving question that leads Chloe to leave her boyfriend and head out on the open road in search of her true self. As she travels throughout the Dakotas and adjoining states, she meets a man named Billy Two Bears, who teaches her to see the world and herself differently. After visits to magnificent locations in pristine natural environments and an encounter with two free-spirited women, Chloe decides to return to her home. But now she is faced with a pregnancy which, because of the circumstances of her birth, may very well lead to her death. Alone and facing the hardest decision of her life, Chloe must search her soul to find her path in an uncertain and perhaps compromised life.

This book is part travelogue, part philosophy. There are wonderfully descriptive passages of the places Chloe visits as well as philosophical ponderings included in this novel, making it a thought-provoking work. Having discovered she was cloned, Chloe questions her very essence. Because of the advances of modern science, these are valid questions for today’s society. Those who enjoy stories of travel and adventure will enjoy this read, as will those who enjoy delving into works that question the meaning of life, especially at a time in which life can essentially be created in a laboratory. This is a wonderfully written book with an intriguing premise that will give readers much to think about long after the book is finished.

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