A Christian's Guide to Tactics of Spiritual Warfare:
How and Why God and Jesus Will Win
by Kevin Mills Trafford Publishing

"I consider perception to be key in spiritual warfare."

The Christian's battle is described by Kevin Mills. God's goal on earth is to open our eyes to see things as they actually are. He uses the Word and creation to mirror our failures as well as reveal His goodness. As Mills says, "You have to know yourself in order to defeat your enemy."

Satan’s tactic is to create illusions that deny what is real. Introduced to our mind by demonic thoughts, illusion sparks a response from our fallen nature. This is where perception comes in. We get to choose what we believe. Mills decision to believe the God of his youth opened his eyes to understand the spiritual forces at work. His book discusses these forces which become our weapons of warfare. For example, the force of a simple seed planted by a charitable act is "sure to multiply from a plant, to a garden, to a field of blessings." Likewise, the force of forgiveness reveals that holding a grudge creates internal agitation. True forgiveness releases the tension and pain caused by what was done.

The 35-page book is well laid out with inspiring art, but it lacks a artwork credit(s) and an editor's touch to rein in the run-on sentences. Mills is passionate about spiritual warfare. Raised in a normal home with an Episcopal Church background, he excelled at school and sports. He was accepted to play college football. There things changed when he began to abuse marijuana. Mills could not find release from a downward spiral until he turned back to the God who had inspired his youth.

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