Chronicles of a Spellcaster: Book One—Orientation
by J. J. Singleton
Empire Publishing

"If they are afraid of what magic can do, wait till next year. I will give them something to be afraid of."

In this action-packed urban fantasy, Jet lives in a world that appears similar to our own. He's on his way to start his freshman year in college like any average eighteen-year-old, but there's a twist. Magic is everywhere, and having what are called powers or abilities is the norm. In this world, using one's power is part of the college course curriculum and linked to specialized versions of familiar sports, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. On top of that, a virtual reality program called the AITS is a required part of the curriculum that puts everyone's strengths and powers to the test. Only those with a team or part of a club have the highest chances of success. Anyone without one is expected to be on their own once inside the AITS.

As the only student who is a full-blooded caster, Jet is feared by some for what he is. They perceive him to be a threat. Others, however, respect him for his strength. Only through the AITS will he discover who his allies and enemies are. He will also uncover more about himself and his dark secret.

Written mostly in the first person, Singleton does a spectacular job of easing his readers into the world he has created. Some parts of the book can come across as information dumping, but as a whole, the plot is constantly in motion. Jet's narration makes for a fast-paced read that feels like a conversation. Considering Singleton has dealt with dyslexia throughout his life, it is admirable to see that despite finding books difficult to read as a child, he writes with a clarity that brings life to the pages, both in plot and characters.

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