Clear the Path
by Leticia "Lee" Verdin, MS
Trafford Publishing

"Remember, without the emotion it is not an issue; it's just something that happened."

Common negative emotions that infiltrate our daily existence, often keep us from experiencing happy, healthy, and satisfying lives. Leticia Verdin has written Clear the Path in an effort to help individuals redirect the energy that is blocked by emotional encumbrances, thus allowing movement toward more positive goals and the fulfillment of dreams. Energies are often wasted on emotions like conjured fears, stagnating comfort zones, insecurities fueled by guilt or shame, blame, closed mindedness, and forgiveness. Contrary to the traditional sentiment of "forgive and forget," the author emphasizes that, while forgiveness may renew our spirit, in an affirming twist she focuses on the learning experience and the value of forgiveness without forgetting, ultimately to avoid being burned a second time!

By following Verdin's methodical Eliminator Procedure, the author directs individuals to consider particularly bothersome issues, then to concentrate solely on the emotion elicited by that issue. It is important to experience the sensation, and then allow it to dissipate. The newly released energy should be rerouted, to help remove the next barrier or ultimately to help reach an aspired goal. To take the process a step further, Verdin smartly includes a simple Eliminator Board diagram, with similarities to a bingo game. Here markers will cover all areas of concern, and the final goal is to conceal and essentially eliminate all the obstructions that may be keeping you from your goals.

With a clean and simple format, the design of this book is to move our lives in a positive direction. The author effectively points out that "control of our lives is uniquely and ultimately our own," and we each have the ultimate power to direct our energy. Verdin's emphatic words and guiding program are sure to lead readers down the right path.

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