Code of the Hood
by Alfred Blue Flowers

"He was overcoming all obstacles in his life but, this one was the hardest. How could he be a man (he thought), if he let Dawg walk around in this city after he had nearly killed Latrice, the woman he loved. So he had to make Dawg pay and he would make him pay with his life."

This riveting and intriguing urban novel follows a group of troubled individuals who come from different families and upbringings, but are all trying to navigate the treacherous and drug-riddled housing community of the Kimberly Projects in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1996. Every character takes one path or another to reach the critical crossroad in their lives in which they have to make hard decisions about what to leave behind in order to change themselves for the better. Many will lose their lives to senseless violence. Some will choose to get out of the drug game for good and never look back. Others throw themselves deeper into the streets because that is the only life they have ever known.

The story serves as a cautionary yet inspirational tale about revenge, corruption, and addiction, and what it looks like to fight through these and come out on the other side. It is also a story about love and family, and how the support of both can push anyone to the finish line. Flowers knows all too well the dangers of the street life, experiencing first-hand the obstacles and pain that overwhelm many disadvantaged youth and force them down the wrong path. He himself hails from the very same Kimberly Projects that serve as the backdrop throughout his novel, and he spent almost twenty years in the North Carolina Prison System. Flowers is now a family man that has given his life to God and wants to continue living out his dream of becoming a successful writer.

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