Cole Creek
by Julie Anne Morley
Black Rose Writing

"Even people who seem strong and confident, in control of their destiny, fall down, make wrong turns and bad choices."

Julie Anne Morley skillfully intertwines the lives of three women as they deal with decisions that have changed their lives. Weaving in and out of the pivotal times in these women's lives, the author blends past and present and sends each woman on a journey to regain what she has lost.

Tragedy, guilt, and an unhappy marriage sent Rebecca into the arms of a domineering man, and Rebecca nearly loses herself before she realizes the danger she faces. As Rebecca flees an abusive relationship, she searches for herself and all that she has given up. Will she escape before it is too late? Trial, error, heartache, and failure have haunted Irene as she has watched her son grow into adulthood, marry, and become a father. Irene wonders if staying with a philandering husband has cost her son his marriage. Did her choices leave an ugly legacy? Tiptoeing into adolescence, Toni struggles with her changing body and the consequences of decisions adults in her life have made. Will Toni finds the answers she is seeking and the love she so desperately longs for? As these three women hone in on the one place that can restore their spirits, will they be able to avoid the dangers that trail behind them?

Morley blends physical and spiritual introspection that helps readers identify with Rebecca, Irene, and Toni. Readers of suspense will enjoy the mounting tension in the storyline as these women struggle to overcome the hardships they face. Follow these women as they regain what is missing in their lives. We hope their love for one another will overcome all the hardships they face.

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