"Hundreds of swords
could not touch me
One eyelash from you
cut me in half"

Sharing a love of beauty, nature, and love itself through his poetry, Mosavat’s first book of poetry invites the reader to fully investigate and consider the varied nature of love in all forms. Containing dozens of poems all focused on the author’s passion, this book will open the reader’s heart and invite him or her to share in the feelings of those captured on the page. From memories of weddings to solitary walks that lead to beautiful roses, each poem is a private musing shared like a secret with the reader. Even with such a joyous topic and outlook, there are some feelings of hesitancy or concern that maybe the poet is too attached to love and unable to function without its presence in his life, but, ultimately, Mosavat wants the reader to feel the same kind of love that motivates him constantly.

While a book of love poems is hardly a new concept, the author of this collection uses the flexibility of what love can mean to extend it to a variety of definitions and recipients. Some poems give a personal account of thoughts and feelings while others are more direct and have a clear person or moment in mind. Another interesting variety that these selections use is in their length. Each poem is a single page long at most, but some are only a line or two, choosing to utilize brevity where it is most effective and profound in its message. These poems are short, simply stated, but also powerful, guaranteed to uplift the hearts of its readers and make them more receptive to and giving of love in all of its shapes and meanings.

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