Compass: Book 1: Search for Serenity
by R. A. Burke

"'Those aren't dreams you're having, they're your memories the surging of your Magic is digging up.'"

Lily has a recurring dream of driving through a storm to a deadly quiet forest, searching for something beyond the trees. But then the dream becomes reality as Lily finds herself in the forest and witnesses reality collapse all around her. She blacks out and wakes up sometime later in a world of magic, the world of the Fae. Lily meets Xyllia and The Tails of the Fox, who recruit and protect her as she adapts to this new world and the burgeoning powers she’s been given. As Lily grows more comfortable with her new friends, however, many questions go unanswered, and danger starts to surface that is connected to a prophecy. Will Lily find out who she is in this world of magic? Will she be able to make it out alive?

A fantasy story filled with magic, action, and adventure, this novel is your standard hero’s journey tale. The protagonist, Lily, carries the story as she slowly comes out of her shell from a shy, confused girl to a snarky, powerful member of the Tails. She is skeptical of the magic surrounding her, but she embraces it once she realizes it’s a gift. While she’s off to a rocky start, Lily eventually adjusts, and the rest of the Tails embrace her and all her traits. Set in the world of Fae, the magic in this story is both used as a tool and as a weapon. The author stresses the system of magic in place with Xyllia and company’s teachings of magic, which Lily finds hard to grasp at the beginning. Lily’s use of magic ends up being a political component of the story as well, as her power is not one usually gifted to humans.

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