Condor's Eye
by Ronnie Sarkin
Trafford Publishing

"There are many things about our universe that we are either not meant to understand or are not sufficiently intelligent to comprehend."

In the beginning saga to a one-of-a-kind trilogy, Condor's Eye takes readers back to where it all begin's for upcoming lovers on their karmic journeys. Known as Fey and Adam from the second novel, Kismet, book one opens with a Native American battle scene before delving into Adam's initial incarnated stage as "Condor's Eye." This is quickly followed by Fey as Anouar (pronounce An-war) in ancient Egypt. Both Condor's Eye and Anouar are on intense soul-searching missions in their respective dimensions. Although 500 years apart, the Condor Eye's and Anouar's eras harbor the same opposing human aspects (love of life and the natural vs. greed, jealousy, and wars). Amid their trials and triumphs, Condor's Eye and Anouar develop spiritual acuity, especially through their deep love relationships (i.e. Condor Eye's-Laughing Wind and Anouar-Marc Anthony) in preparation for their next incarnations.

Sarkin takes storytelling to a whole new level in the second of three allegorical novels depicting the author's perspective of life. Keeping to the writing style from Kismet, Sarkin presents the soon-to-be lover's life adventures in parallel narratives. Alternating between his two main characters from beginning to end, Sarkin's plot is so much more than a romantic novel. While punctuated with sexual moments especially in the case of Anouar, Sarkin consistently includes poetic, historical, and spiritual musings. There is plenty for readers to ruminate on long after the story's completion, and each element sets aptly within riveting narratives. For those interested in further research and spiritual exploration, Sarkin offers more food for thought on his website. Meeting a wide audience, this book is a great read for reincarnation aficionados and those who are interested in learning about reincarnation, as well as those who are just plain looking for an invigorating story twist.

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