Connected Through Love Verbunde Dür D`Liebi
by Mirjam Stampfli
Xlibris AU

"He fell in love with the endless ocean and the bright sky."

It is said that the only people who prefer changes are babies. As such, there are hundreds if not thousands of books and seminars in the marketplace focused on how to adapt to the changes in one’s life. However, Stampfli’s offering is unique in that it is both a bilingual book as well as one that is geared towards children.

The book revolves around a bird named Leon, who is moving away from his family and friends. It is a bittersweet journey as he learns to build both a new home and life for himself. It is more than just moving away, however. It is also about learning to let go of the things that aren’t needed anymore. The story itself is told through vivid, bright imagery and easy to understand language for young readers. The author uses original techniques to demonstrate the need to adapt to change. This is accomplished through the formatting of the book, in which, at one point, the reader must turn the book upside down and read from right to left in order to finish it.

Stampfli's book definitely conveys the point about how one’s world can get turned upside down and the need to adapt in order to make sense of it all. Moreover, there is a simple craft activity at the end of the book for children to make and send to someone they love who lives far away. In essence, this is a wonderful guide that uses unique storytelling to teach young readers ways to adapt to major life changes, such as moving away from friends and loved ones.

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