Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead
by Irene Kendig
Grateful Press

"Not loving ourselves is the mother of all diseases, and it's a worldwide epidemic."

Author Irene Kendig strikes gold while digging for answers about life (and what comes after) from those who have lived it, and who are now "living on." At the request of a friend, an initially skeptical Irene Kendig agrees to take a meeting with Jana Anna, a woman who claims to be able to talk with people who have passed on. During their first one-hour session, Jana demonstrates her unique ability by "connecting" with four of Kendig's loved ones who have long since passed. Totally fascinated by the experience, the two women agree to continue. The subsequent sessions consist of intensive question and answer dialogues between Kendig and seven different people who have died and made the transition from their physical body to their spiritual body.

The reader has to make up his or her own mind as to whether or not they believe in Jana's extraordinary gift and Kendig's conversing experiences. Regardless, it is impossible not to learn something about life from this book. Some of the revelations are startling, some are simple, some are complex, some are transforming, and some are comforting, while others are controversial and difficult to fathom. Almost every page of this book has decidedly profound insights to share.

The book is written in scripted form as each chapter chronicles the "Jana channeled" dialogues between Kendig and one or more of the seven people whom she thought were dead. Kendig's interviewing skills are incredible. Her questions are direct and weighty. Her writing is concise and cohesive. The book is filled with complex and detailed disclosures about what to expect when one dies. It not only presents the reader with specific details about our physical to spiritual transformation in death, it is also brimming with suggestions that can transform us into happier, more loving and forgiving people in life.

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