"A rule of thumb to consider... look for labels in which the list of ingredients shows whole foods. These foods would tend to be healthier."

An experienced home economics teacher has poured her vast knowledge into a user-friendly cookbook that can answer almost any kitchen question. Expert food tips explain how to make homemade cakes, breads, or candy successfully as well as how to store veggies, salad suggestions for main meals, etc. Plummer's book also offers sage advice on how to read labels and even gives buying tips to help save money. But it is the recipes that make this cookbook shine. Plummer provides several hundred pages filled with proven recipes. Some have been collected since she was a young girl, coming from family, students, and friends. Her own recipes have received champion rankings in non-commercial contests. Some of the author's favorite cookie recipes include rolled or drop cookies and chip versions (even with potato chips or bacon). Classics include brownies, snickerdoodles, and peanut butter cookies that have been updated with cashew or almond butter.

The author has assembled a comprehensive guide of techniques, tips, and proven recipes in each food category, enhanced by a useful index. Plummer has a master's degree in home economics education, taught that curriculum for thirty-three years, and owned a catering business for twelve years while attending school. This means that those throwing a party can learn from a pro. Updated etiquette and plan-ahead lists make doing so seem like a breeze. For those wanting to cook for large groups, a catering list gives the number of servings per pound of typical foods. Plummer's book could serve as the perfect bridal shower gift, a present for a catering student, or a helpful resource for a seasoned cook seeking new culinary options.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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