Cooking with Kip: A Cook's Memoir
by Kip Meyerhoff

"If you don’t like your steak rare or medium rare, bring along your favorite Eskimo to prechew your medium to medium-well-done steak."

Life isn’t possible without food, and for a cook like Meyerhoff, no life story would be complete without the meals that accompanied memorable moments. After a disastrous first run-in with heat, his father gets him involved in the restaurant of his hotel while he handles other, often legally questionable business. From there the author studied under Chinese, Italian, and German chefs before traveling the globe, serving with the Los Angeles Police Department, and opening up his own restaurant in Indiana. From run-ins with famous boxers and movie stars to a series of romantic encounters and the meals that he prepared to make them special, this autobiography celebrates an interesting life full of triumphs and awkward moments. Perhaps more than that, it celebrates a love for delicious food and the value of preparing and sharing a meal with loved ones.

Each chapter of this book recalls a specific story or a piece of life advice, and at the end of the story, the author provides a batch of recipes that were either referenced in the story or that have some significance to the subject that was just discussed. The author’s story is as entertaining as it is appetizing, and the variety of cuisine offered up means nobody will be able to resist copying down at least a recipe or two. Meyerhoff’s anecdotes are breezy, conversational, and entertaining, and his writing style will bring a smile to the reader’s face while also making one feel no intimidation even in the face of the most difficult cooking instructions. The idea of blending an autobiography and a cookbook is already a powerful combination, but the author’s style is so accessible and enjoyable that it keeps the audience hungry for more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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