"Mother Earth’s resources were intended to be shared among all creatures, not just for some."

Set in the magical Rocky Mountains, this book is ultimately a story about sharing and helping the planet and environment. Sagebrush the dog and his owner, Little Miss, are heading out for a walk in the woods outside their home when they encounter an ongoing argument. The Shuns, little people who appear somewhat like gnomes, have become homeless due to deforestation and logging. When they find a warm spring surrounded by trees, they make their home in a tree where they can take care of their friend that is sick with cedar fever.

However, when Mr. Logger Man finds them, he tells them they must leave, since he owns the spring. The Shuns are surprised as Mother Earth cannot belong to anyone, and Mr. Logger Man is shocked to learn that his logging has made them homeless. However, Mr. Logger Man is not dissuaded from his desire for solitude and begins to lash out. When Sagebrush and Little Miss arrive, they are able to talk some sense into him about Mother Earth and how she is to be shared rather than hoarded.

With messages about sharing and taking care of the environment (Mother Earth) and the creatures who reside in it, this is a fairy tale with lessons that are conveyed clearly. The book is an ideal length for independent and transitioning young readers who will enjoy the longer passages that are complimented by many full-page illustrations on facing pages. The story is conveyed well through the images, and the Shuns and Sagebrush will certainly endear themselves to the intended audience. With bright colors, cute characters, and some clear messages, this is a fun read for children who enjoy fairy tales and the world around them.

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