"'’Studying the constellations was a large part of my childhood. I was taught that to gaze at the moon and the stars is to look beyond the earth, seeing the bigger picture of the universe.'"

This educational book for older children tells another charming tale of canine hero Sagebrush in the author's continuing series. Beginning with a poem, it is a rich story of the love of family, including beloved pets and fairies. These sprites are known to the pets and to "Young Miss," the human who explores the wonders of the universe at their cattle ranch in the Rockies. The book not only focuses on these bonds but also has a lesson about homelessness. Featuring a female role model, the narrative examines light pollution and how it harms the earth and creates a barrier to connecting with the cosmos. It is a nicely crafted, environmentally focused story that teaches youngsters about pollution and how to change the world by fighting against it.

With its superior artwork, this beautifully created story will attract children with its descriptive utilization of the senses while teaching how light pollution harms everyone. This includes pets and other animals, the sprites that live within a reader's personal fairyland, and the entire universe. The story is engaging not only in the depth of its environmental concerns but also in how it keeps fantasy alive with the little people known as "Shuns." By connecting imagination with reality, it helps children relate to what they see around them, including the night sky, and opens their minds to the possibility of other beings that may dwell in the unknown. It is a joyful read for both adults to utilize in teaching and for children to learn to love nature. The book demonstrates an insightful take on the universe via a sweet story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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