The Crystal Grid: Five Steps to the Fifth Dimension
by Ruby Nariananda Mayo and Dorothy Ra Ma Seddon
Trafford Publishing

"Was it by accident we found the first mountain on which to place the very first crystal? Were we brought here on purpose?"

The celebrated American roadtrip takes a metaphysical turn when close friends Dorothy Seddon and Ruby "Nari" Mayo drive through the American west placing crystals on mountains in the name of Lord Adonis. This surprising memoir chronicles the eighteen years Dorothy and Nari spent on their quest to connect healing energies from Mexico to Canada. The authors are Reiki Masters, experienced with energy work and obviously open-minded when they receive messages from the spirit of Lord Adonis directing them to carry forth the crystals. At the same time, they are everyday women. Unlikely adventurers, the white-haired ladies rent a car for the air conditioning and stop for beer and burritos along the way. Their matter-of-fact approach invites the reader along for the ride.

Nari and Dorothy take turns telling their story, keeping the tone friendly and conversational even as they invoke the power of ancient crystal forms to raise human consciousness into the "fifth dimension." References to chakras, Isis energies, DNA altars, and Bio Genesis may seem out of reach to readers not well-versed in the vocabulary of energy work. It comes as a relief, then, when the authors admit that they are often bewildered by their path themselves and are taking a lot of it on faith. Occasional word confusion–substituting dessert for desert, for instance–slows down the reading, but the authors' unpretentious presentation, though, is part of their charm. They show how two ordinary people can go on a most extraordinary journey.

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