Crystals: Strong and Beautiful
by Lettie Vantol
Trafford Publishing

"If you truly want to work with and connect to the Crystal Kingdom, it helps if you are sensitive to crystal energies."

Dutch-born Lettie Vantol's book is a handy manual on the introduction to crystal healing, what crystals are, how they operate, and how they can be used in the evolution of mankind. This is not your usual book about crystals, which are readily available in rock shops. Vantol runs the Vantol College on crystal healing, of which she is the principal, and this book is a product of her many years of experience. She touches on many subjects associated with crystals, such as choosing ones specific to your energy field, sensing crystals, cleansing them, and how to use a pendulum correctly to ascertain whether a crystal is cleansed and/or is the right one for you.

Particularly of note are the sections on crystals in religion and astrology and also the section about the famous crystal skulls, which is aiding mankind in its spiritual evolution. Also of note, and not present in many others crystal books, is the section on healing animals with crystals and how they can be used to improve their health and various maladies.

The book comes in a handy format, and it has an attractive cover featuring a crystal mandala. The text has pictures throughout with various common crystals, such as a sodalite, amethyst, snowflake obsidian, etc., Vantol uses personal experiences from her classes and life to illustrate her points. A great, all-around book on crystal healing, written from the heart and perfect for any crystal or precious stone enthusiast.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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