The Cube of Space Workbook
by Joy Nur
Trafford Publishing

"Meditation on the Cube of Space offers deep insight on the meaning of Tarot and reveals many levels of understanding of life experience."

This workbook outlines the many relationships and meanings between the Tarot Keys within the Cube of Space, an ancient Hebrew diagram, which provides understanding of the life experience. The Cube is a geometric representation of how spirit manifests reality and is a roadmap of the path of return to the One. It also helps the aspirant deepen their understanding of God's reality.

The author presents the book as a useful meditation tool, expounding on the teachings of Paul Foster Case, the founder of Builders of the Adytum, a western mystery school. It shows the Cube from different perspectives, for example, the edges of the Cube, which represent the Zodiac signs, the diagonals that run through the center of the Cube, etc. Throughout, the tome provides contemplative questions that are supposed to stimulate one's meditation on the Cube. Moreover, all the relationships and directions between the Keys within the Cube are done in color to enhance understanding.

The workbook is well-written, the author keeps the text understandable and to the point, and it comes in a handy and portable format. The glossy, blue cover is attractive and features the Cube of Space. For serious students of Qabalah and Tarot, and/or for members of the Builders of the Adytum mystery school, who are already familiar with many of the basic concepts (like understanding of the Tarot Keys) in the workbook.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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