Dakota Seas
by C. George Lynn

"Lazarus could feel his sphincter tighten. This was his first encounter with meat-eating dinosaurs, and he was extremely vulnerable."

When Guy Lazarus receives a panicked phone call in the middle of the night from his old college roommate, geophysicist Dean Samuels, he begrudgingly gets on a plane to Rapid City to meet him. The two spend a little time catching up only for Dean to drop an amazing piece of news: He has built a functional time machine. Despite Guy's skepticism, he agrees to check it out only to discover that Dean has accidentally brought a dinosaur into the modern day. Now hounded by men in black suits and pursued by a disgruntled former colleague, Dean's only chance for safety is to lay low in the Cretaceous period while Lazarus reconstructs the machine in a safe place. As things start to go wrong, however, it is up to Lazarus to find a way to bring Dean home without risking any lives or Dean's incredible machine.

Written by a geologist, this title reads simply enough to avoid being hard science fiction while still being both entertaining and filled with plenty of intriguing and informative scientific details. There are very few dry spells in the book, as the action moves along at a good clip without being exhausting or giving too little consideration to character development. As a result, the characters are all believable in terms of how they interact with one another and what motivates them individually. Fans of pre-history, action, time travel stories, or just a good book in general will be pleased to spend some time wrapped up in the intrigue and suspense of this story.

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