Dangerous Power Games
by Geoffrey Musonda
Trafford Publishing

"Remember that not all who're in prison are guilty nor are all walking about freely innocent."

From pastors to politicians, underworld theft, money laundering, adultery, and murder, Geoffrey Musonda's Dangerous Power Games is chock full of both upstanding and ne'er do well individuals, that move within an action driven storyline where good ultimately triumphs over evil. The central character, Ngosa Mukobe, has turned his life around. He has a respectable job with the Zambia National Bank and has moved beyond his troubled past which included parental abandonment and a forced life on the streets. A soulful individual, Ngosa is now determined not to let his memories of a harsh childhood define his future. Unfortunately, so-called friends from his past are intent on drawing him back to a life of crime.

Set in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia where the author himself earned an Engineering degree from the University of Zambia, and now resides in the Hillview Park area, Musonda effortlessly draws on that home familiarity in moving his characters easily throughout the cityscape and its outskirts. Detailed descriptions of time and place purposefully move the intrigue forward. From thunderstorms and lightning flashes to smoky barrooms serving traditional "mosi" (beer), with the "Bang!" of a gun, and the stench of a jail cell that brings to mind for Ngosa his early criminal activities, all add intensity to the local color and flavor. Musonda also effectively uses dream and memory flashbacks to reveal an earlier gang mentality and lifestyle, in contrast to Ngosa's present day predicaments.

Stories are layered within stories here and characters so plentiful and intertwined, that at times it may be difficult for readers to stay on track. Fortunately the denouement brings clarity to any confusion. Essentially Ngosa exemplifies morality, and making good on second chances. Regretful of his past, he is willing to pay for his transgressions, though clearly not willing to compromise his newfound integrity. When he voices "I'm innocent and have no intention of agreeing to a crime I didn't commit," hopefully readers will come away appreciating the core value and underlying importance of lessons learned.

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