Darkwind Chronicles: The First Act
by Christopher Michael Cifelli
URLink Print and Media

"'Your destiny lies at the end of this tunnel,' Shendu said, walking down the path."

After an earthquake opens a cave, Magnetin Darkwind, a young fire Draconian, is asked to accompany twins Andrew and Andrea Cashonit on a treasure-hunting expedition. Delphine Lightwind and the dragon Kamori agree to go along with the three. Along the way, they are met by Anita Lastum, a bomb-making elf, who plans to join them. To the group's surprise, when they reach the cave there is only what appears to be a door. Finding a sign on the door written in Draconian, they are puzzled by its cryptic message: "For those who represent an essence of eternity will find the way." Being a Draconian, Magnetin realizes that the sign refers to the descendants of Aeternum, the dragon god, each of whom possesses one of the god's essences. Soon, Magnetin is tasked with the quest to become a Dragon Knight and given a map marking his journey.

In this tale of adventure, readers are entertained by the adventurous travels of Magnetin and his friends as he fulfills his destiny of becoming a Dragon Knight. Intermediate readers especially will enjoy the many trials that befall the hero as he follows the map given to him by Shendu, the Gatekeeper. There are plenty of plot twists to keep readers entertained in this story of dragons, elves, orcs, and other creatures. Each character is described in meticulous detail throughout the book. As the protagonist continues his journey, there is enough action and intrigue to keep even adult readers eagerly turning pages. This is a story based on an imaginative and colorful world of unique characters. Readers will find a great adventure in this mysterious world filled with unusual and interesting creatures.

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