Dead Wrong: A Jason Justice Mystery
by Ralph Zeta
Blue Iguana Publishing

"I had never witnessed an execution...It would be another grim image that would haunt my quiet moments for as long as I lived."

Jason Justice, a divorce attorney living in Florida, led a quiet life alone on the boat his father left for him. Not much happened in his life—until the day Milt Lowry, a famous billionaire, contacted him and asked to meet at his private home. Upon arriving, Justice walked in on Lowry being strangled to death by a masked intruder. As he attempted to help, his world went dark. Upon awakening, Justice found no body, no sign of struggle, and no intruders; he was only left with questions. Who killed Milt Lowry? Where was the body? Was Lowry really dead? Why did they spare his own life? How far would Justice go to find out? The events that followed would lead Justice down the path of investigative mystery, a far cry from his normal divorce attorney status. This path would have Justice meeting new people, learning to trust, and fearing for his life. He would learn who had helped Lowry in his life, and who was threatened by his fame and success.

The author does a stellar job of keeping the reader in suspense throughout the entirety of the book, not letting on to who was really responsible until the bitter end. While the book would benefit from a comprehensive proofreading, the author’s story is riveting and holds its reader’s attention. Each character plays an important role in finding out who is responsible, leading Justice through a series of twists and turns along the way. The author elaborately describes each situation, character, detail, and surroundings. The reader will be immediately immersed in this world of mystery and captivated to the very end.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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