Deadly Distrust
by Mary Schaller

"He wants me to trust him, but if he doesn't accept me, how can he ask me to put much faith in HIM? I could care very much for him, but I'm too afraid of being hurt and that immobilizes me."

Gina and Elly move in together while they both attend nursing school. Gina begins to have lustrous affairs with the men in her life. Suddenly, Gina dies, and poison is considered to be the cause of death. Surprisingly, the poison comes from a mushroom with mind-altering properties, one that Gina is studying in her classes. There are several people who could have benefited from her death, but who would have known about the poisonous mushroom? The investigation of Gina's death is thrown into a world that goes beyond the surface and into a world of transvestites, drugs, alcohol, and betrayal. Elly and Gina's brother, Todd, are racing against the clock to discover who the murderer could be before someone else meets a tragic end.

Deadly Distrust is a novel with everything mystery enthusiasts would find appealing. Schaller creates a fantastic story filled with murder, betrayal, and romance. The story keeps readers guessing, there is a twist around every corner. Just when readers think they have everything figured out, Schaller throws something in to mix things up. The characters begin strong and continue to develop throughout the story. Gina and Elly are far from alike: Gina leaves an abusive relationship to find herself in another abusive situation, whereas Elly is cautious and meticulous. The use of mushrooms as a poison adds an interesting and unique touch to the mystery. There is a lot of action within this story without the use of filler information. This is a story that lingers long after the book has been finished.


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