Death at the Spring Tide: a Mystery Novel
by Paul A. Egbers

"This is a map covering Ranworth Broad where we found the boat! It looks like someone sat here and planned where to sink the Willow."

A mystery is brewing in North Norfolk. A woman who had gone missing turns up dead on a missing boat, and the mill she had been staying at catches fire shortly after. Enter Tony, the boat-for-hire business owner who is brought in initially to help find the missing woman. He has a reputation for being good not only with boats but with maps as well. Once they find the woman’s body, everything goes downhill from there. Tony and his new assistant Cyn embark on helping out with the case. And when Tony’s friend Jo is attacked, it becomes personal. Will they be able to find out who the mysterious killer is, or will they become victims as well?

The mystery that this book centers around is one that will leave readers clinging to the pages until the very last sentence. The plot is engaging and entertaining enough to keep one guessing without diving too deeply into unnecessary details that can often plague complex mysteries. Another interesting feature is the choice of the main lead in the story. As a business owner specializing in boats for hire, Tony is quite different from the typical protagonists normally found in this genre. His inclusion makes for a refreshing and interesting viewpoint from a character with such a unique background and uncommon set of skills to aid in the case. All in all, it leads to a fun mystery that readers of all ages can sit down and enjoy. Those who are suckers for a good mystery won’t go wrong with this pick.

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