"Both had been known to kill with little provocation and now both were feeling very provoked."

This third novel in the saga of the Dacia, Wagner, and Epstein families depicts the power of family and community against incredible odds. The Wagner and Dacia families have survived a violent turf war brought into their community by Mafia-supported bootlegging. The victory of these rural families against the criminals has sparked the musical career of August Wagner, "The Fighting Cowboy," who mocks the Mafia members who invaded his town. But Primo Moretti and Zeke Volakis, crime bosses implicated in those events, pine for vengeance. Uniting their efforts to achieve revenge, they launch retaliatory attacks against the families that include kidnapping. When these efforts fail due largely to the efforts of the savvy Dacia women, Moretti solicits the help of Chicago boss Signore de Luca. Will the plots of the Mafia bosses succeed, or will the targeted families somehow manage to escape the mobsters' machinations again?

Filled with beautiful and vivid descriptions, Dann presents an immersive glimpse into rural life in the 1930s. The reader can clearly envision the simple clothes and rustic homes, dry land, and beloved livestock—the trappings of a difficult, yet wholesome, farming life. Thoroughly researched, compellingly written, and flawlessly edited, Dann offers a book that will appeal not only to those interested in the history of the Dust Bowl and the American Mafia but to lovers of family sagas, as well. Furthermore, though replete with well-paced action and excitement, the book presents readers with a tale that is foremost about the power of family. As illustrated in the narrative, some families are bound by blood, others by marriage, and some by loyalty. However, it is the compassion and love people choose to show that holds them together, giving them strength against the most insurmountable circumstances.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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