Delicious Romance
by Stephen L. Vasilas
LitFire Publishing

"Annie was good for him. Everyone could see the differences in Tony since he had met her, and it seemed like he was good for her."

Vasilas cooks up a potboiler in this thrilling novel. Two young lovers with a mastery of martial arts, a pinch of disaster, and a ruthless villain are the perfect ingredients for a romance novel that will keep you guessing until the end.

Tony Cross dreams of becoming a chef while helping out in his family’s restaurant. Annie Roberson, whose family also owns a restaurant, is strong-willed and quickly mastering the martial arts. From the time they meet as pre-teens in the town of Pine Lake, they are practically inseparable. As they grow older, their future seems set with plans to marry when Annie graduates from college. However, disaster separates them, and Tony is assumed dead. He is found and nurtured back to health by the kind Ray Browns. Tony has amnesia, and so he begins a new life as Troy Witt. As Troy, Tony falls in love with Ray’s daughter, Jackie, but he is disturbed by flashes of memories. Annie tries to move on but finds it hard to accept that the love of her life is gone. She is still stuck in the past when a chance sighting of a man who looks like Tony changes everything.

This novel offers something for everyone. There is the romantic love story of Tony and Annie plus plenty of conflict and martial arts fighting to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Mouthwatering descriptions of culinary inventions are deliciously decadent. Vasilas takes the reader through the twists and turns of Tony and Annie’s relationship and leaves one wondering until the very end if true love can survive in the face of great disaster. This is one tasty tale that readers will want to devour.

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