Deliver Me: A True Story
by Larry Kevin Garland II

"I was twenty-three years old the first time my family and I had to wonder if I was going to live through the morning."

A talented performer's unimaginable fears were realized one day after a pre-show rehearsal when he had a sudden, severe parenchymal hemorrhage (a massive stroke) that left him completely paralyzed on his left side. Luckily, this serious misfortune struck as the author reached home, and his roommate was present. Otherwise, the scenario likely would have resulted in his tragic, untimely death. Garland's mother, a neurological nurse, rushed to his bedside in Indiana and was shocked and dismayed by the gravity of his initial MRI results. The author subsequently had emergency brain surgery and made amazing progress through the heroic efforts of his physicians, nursing staff, physical therapists, and the undying love of his family and friends.

A riveting tale by anyone's standards, this memoir is well-thought-out and competently written, as one might expect of a composition by an actor well versed in dealing with theatrical scripts. A portion of the text is devoted to the author's fascinating and richly described perceptions of consorting with Aquaman as he fades in and out of consciousness during the ordeal. These conscious and unconscious epiphanies—with scenes reminiscent of medical and paranormal thrillers such as Flatliners—occur as Garland's mind struggles to make sense of his ordeal during surgery and his recovery in ICU, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. The book should also interest inspirational literature readers because of the author's swift recovery from his real-life medical drama with heroic positivity while reassessing his future. Garland's story is an evocative testament to the healing grace of faith and love.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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