"I encourage you to be on the lookout here for every heaven-sent blessing—and meanwhile to be counting the blessings which have come into your life because of the coming-into-our-history of the One we call Christ."

The book begins with the author noting the influence on his writing and the stories that follow. Each story (actually a poem) begins on Christmas Eve starting in 1976, although "The Night Before Christmas"—which this book is based on—was written in 1834. The 15 years of writing are through 1990. Each poem is a work revolving around this original poem and relates to his process as well as the process of the world as many changes happen throughout this time frame. The purpose of the book is about the meaning of the holiday and our search for God. Through these poems, his explanations of the poems, and his illustrations, he explores history and the need for change. For example, the book examines issues such as the perils of mankind, the horrors of war, and the importance of “Christ’s humble birth,” along with his peace and justice work through Amnesty International, the Catholic Church, etc.

The writing begins as humorous, but as the author experiences more of life, it changes focus into the importance of Christ and God. But the uniqueness of this work makes for an entertaining read and, at times, a poignant one as he examines the ills of society. The prose works nicely in explaining the world around him at the time, and these insights are then examined through the poetry. It is an unusual modality for examining his values and how he places these values into action. This is done in a readable, poetic format, although the organization could be improved. It can be understood by progressive children and teens but is especially relevant to adults who have also gone through the blessings and sorrows of life. The Christian/Catholic format may prove particularly valuable for persons of these beliefs.

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