Demons & Pains
by Rizwan Qureshi
Trafford Publishing

"During times when a person is yelling, crying loudly or expressing anger, the body will start absorbing more demons and pains from the atmosphere surrounding him or her."

This informative textbook educates readers about demons and diseases. Just as the visible world is made up of animals, people, and insects, the invisible world is made up of demons and pains, according to Qureshi. The author's goal is to help people understand this mysterious demon "invisible parallel world."

Dispelling many myths, Qureshi asserts that there are both good and bad demons in the world. He also maintains that though some people can perform spells to make demons do bad things for them, in general, demons cannot fulfill people's wishes. According to Qureshi, it is impossible to keep demons from entering a person's body, but because he has special skills, which he has honed, the author is able to dispel the demons once they have entered the body.

This book is very comprehensive and is broken into short, easy to access sections. Qureshi covers everything from what a demon is to how demons operate. He also explains much about diseases and compares them to demons. For example, migraine headaches are caused by very powerful demons who, though easily expelled, always damage a person in some way. Highly informative, this book is sure to appeal to any who are interested in the subject of demons and diseases. Because it covers so many issues about demons and diseases, it is sure to address most readers' questions

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