by Don Brown
Trafford Publishing

"We owe a lot to our ancestors and it is only right that we always remember who we are and how we got to where we are at this time."

Denali has been a source of inspiration for generations of the Tanana–Caine family. The towering Alaskan mountain, known as "the high one," plays an important and powerful role in this epic tale about one family's journey through history. Brown's tale begins 500 years ago in a small Alaskan village. Rangak is at a crossroads. His brother's village wants to make him their leader, but Rangak is struggling with the decision. Denali appears in his dream, and he sets off to find it. With the help of a giant bird and a mysterious woman, he finds the answer to his questions.

Rangak's descendants come to realize the importance of Denali. This industrious and entrepreneurial family has founded trading posts in Alaska, started world-wide shipping lines, and discovered mines in the Midwest. However, they have never forgotten the core values their ancestors held. When times are difficult and life's purpose seems lost, the family heads to Denali. Each time, the spiritual mountain and giant bird provide the answers they are seeking and lead the family down the right path.

Brown has down a masterful job creating a moving story about family and traditions. His characters are richly developed, giving the reader a sense that they are part of this family too. The power of Denali can best be summed up by the words of Joshua Caine: "I saw lives of our family, from the first of our family to that of my grandfather. I saw the things that I needed to know, and the people I should always remember."

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