Destined to Live, Despite Me
by Yolanda Shanks
Believers Press Services

"This book is written for individuals who have previously thought of suicide, made plans to commit suicide, or actually attempted suicide...."

Destined to Live attempts to address a difficult situation in a controversial way: to ease people out of suicidal inclinations by citing passages from The Bible. The author, herself a suicide survivor, is passionate in her desire to help other people out of their loneliness and despair. The text is structured to convince readers that life is worth living and that God knows that people suffer, but has greater plans for humans than despair and death.

Shanks comes through as a tireless friend indeed for those who doubt the value of their lives, and in that role she provides an important service. Shanks presents the passages literally, and has an absolute, definite voice which leads to narrower interpretations of Biblical events and their significance than some people may feel comfortable reading. The author's desire to reach out to people in pain is apparent as well. Shanks approaches her topic in the way that she believes will work for other people.

"As I look back at the Biblical description of all that God has done to correct, protect, and restore us, my heart rejoices at how God still loves us, despite ourselves."

That passage sums up the book's reason for being. Shanks wants to share her belief that God is invested in everyone, that no one is abandoned.

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