Destiny: A Chance Encounter
by Yashoda Mann
Trafford Publishing

"Somehow these very feelings are familiar, I felt them before with this very same man, perhaps in another life time or just in my dreams."

Angelina Preston is a thirty-eight year old woman working for an Investigation team based in London. Almost entirely devoted to her work life, she has built up walls around her emotional needs and not dated or partnered with anyone up to now. A chance encounter with a handsome, blue-eyed man intrigues her and when they meet up again at an airport terminal during an investigation, Angel and James exchange e-mails. Meanwhile, Angel's mysterious boss decides to reveal his identity to the team, and it turns out he has been keeping rather surreptitious surveillance on Angel and fallen in love with her in the meanwhile. Who will win her heart, her boss with his intense pressure to marry him or the tentative relationship with the barely known James?

Told from the first person viewpoint of Angel, the twists and turns of her emerging love life are portrayed with emotional intensity. The theme covers how an attractive, middle-aged woman copes with masculine pressure to give up her independence, through reason or instinct. The character of Angel consistently chooses to listen to her heart and instincts, letting it guide her in her choices. The plot is not overly complex, as the journey is mostly interpersonal, the main action driven by interactions between the main character and the men who pursue her. Sexuality and romantic attachment are courageously explored, the mysterious negotiations between new lovers drawn in a dizzying blaze of passion illuminating eventual emotional fulfillment.

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