Devil's Dance

by Jeff Altabef
Evolved Publishing

"The Great Struggle is coming. A war between demons and angels for our souls."

Adrift from his last mission, Steven finds himself in Peterstown, a company town of Peterson Corporation, which makes popular augmented reality visors. While the corporation is thriving, however, the town is experiencing a series of mysterious murders. Steven senses there might be demons at play and soon gets roped in to investigate, forming a small team with an old Army friend, a bartender, and a member of an anti-technology group. As the group digs deeper into Peterson Corporation’s secrets, they soon find themselves in the middle of an orchestrated plan to unleash humanity upon itself. And time is running out…

This second book in the author's A Nephilim Thriller series continues to draw readers into its supernatural-tinged dystopian storyline with its fast action, creative plot, and well-developed characters. The author dives deeper into and expands on the religious, mythological lore of angels and demons and succeeds at making it palpable and relatable without being too hokey. The idea that technology can be used as a vehicle for evil is an old concept, but it’s particularly appropriate and clever in this novel. The protagonist, Steven, is witty and clever as always. but his struggles with his Nephilim identity and his ability to control his darker nature are more interesting and add more flavor to the story. They also reflect the greater theme of this particular novel: giving in to freewill or keeping oneself in check via morality. It’s a common topic in many religious novels, but the supernatural twist really plays up that balance of the light battling the dark or good versus evil theme.

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