Diamond Eyes
by Diamond Heart

"On and on i walk
Alone in my silence
No one is going my way
My road is mine alone."

Diamond Heart’s poetry, dedicated to the memory of her son, will warm the heart. The stream-of-conscious feel to the poems helps reflect the intensity of emotions, particularly love. Although poetry purists won’t find the intricacies of meter and rhythm, poems like “If” demonstrate Heart’s effective use of repetition to build flow throughout her poetry. Existential and philosophical thoughts are scattered throughout, but none clearer than “Long Road,” which encapsulates the solo life journey. Interestingly, Heart uses strong, contradicting images like the moon and sun, or ice and fire to assist readers with understanding the depth of the emotion described.

In “Love”, the audience gets Heart’s best package of words, flow, structure, and thought, resulting in poetic beauty. While multiple typos in the compilation tend to be distracting, the sheer passion and authenticity of the poet’s revelations, like in “Memorial” are stunning. The emptiness and pain in the speaker’s eyes in “Look into my eyes” is downright haunting. As the compilation progresses, Heart’s poetry shifts to longer poems accompanied by compelling, thought-provoking images. She remains steadfast, however, in using conflicting imagery to evoke emotions. In an untitled poem, the image of a single red rose is juxtaposed with darkness as a symbol of life.

Overall, Heart’s message is conveyed with vibrant use of sensory images. The last section of poems has the potential to throw the audience off since they are untitled, but this is where Heart shines. In the poem beginning with the line “When the eyes start to shine,” the moment one recognizes love is flawlessly captured. Conventional poetic language aside, Diamond Heart’s genuine reflections are commendable.

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