Discover Your Goal
by Zdenka Jordanova
Trafford Publishing

"If we said what we wanted, clearly and directly, most of the time we would get it!"

Jordanova, a Czech author in the field of spiritual and personal growth, presents a handy guide on how to live a life of fulfillment, happiness, and success, and how to achieve personal goals that we set for ourselves. The author touches on many things that we, as human beings, experience often. Examples include setting our own firm boundaries and not always doing what others want us to; learning from our pets and animals as they mirror our actions; deciding what we want to do and actually doing it; understanding that nothing happens by chance; and seeing that illnesses are a reflection of problems that are happening inside of us and that manifest themselves in our bodies.

Jordanova supplements all the chapters with examples of patients’ issues she has seen in the course of her practice and the multitude of problems that she helped solve. She always recommends to people to look inside of themselves first to see where the problem lies. She teaches that what we think and believe we become and, through that realization, people can find meaningful and enriched lives.

The book is translated from its original Czech language, so the wording is a little awkward in places, but it gets the meaning across nevertheless. There are also references to Czech ways of life, names, and Czech celebrities, so it helps if the reader has a basic familiarity with Czech language and customs. This book is recommended for readers who have an interest in self-realization, improvement, and in the spiritual side of life.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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