Do You Know the Man? - The Writing Of A Book... To Reflect The Story Of A Man
by Everlean Merritt-Williams
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"It is the Lord’s plan for others to honor a servant where honor is due."

Williams envisions a group of college students―L. James, his friends, and classmates―gathered in their school lounge. During a lull in activities, James proposes a question for discussion. It has been his deep desire to meet the man said to have served his church for fifty years. This man who people should know simply claims to be “just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that can save anybody.” James asks his group if anyone knows that man. Although no one does, their curiosity is aroused. They wonder at such dedication: serving a single church for that many years.

As additional people enter the lounge, soon the question switches from knowing him to knowing of him. Some have heard of such a person: a good father, husband, humble teacher, and friend. Finally identified as Dr. Clifton Taylor, the author invites his friends and townsfolk to join the discussion. Each has a story to tell of his kindness and honesty; one of his congregants praises his sermons as always being Taylor-made.

Williams was inspired by a vision to create this testimony to her pastor at St. Paul Mission Baptist Church. She served there as an administrative assistant to Dr. Taylor for twenty-eight years. Her book also illustrates that a person’s reputation clearly follows him/her. The author, a new writer, prayed about how to present this tribute in book format. She was divinely inspired with a unique strategy―a cross between a parable and classroom discussion―to create the story contained in this short but poignant volume. Scene changes are introduced by the author as narrator. The book would make an excellent retirement gift for anyone who selflessly served their community.

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