Doggie Shower Anyone??
by Christina High

"Yes, our furry friends do enrich our lives. So, what better way to welcome them into our family than to have a party?"

Major events in life are often celebrated with a party. Aside from the obvious birthdays and anniversaries, we often celebrate upcoming weddings or expected babies with a shower that celebrates the momentous occasion. Why not take that same line of thinking and apply it to the arrival of a new dog? Dogs become part of our families and our identities, just like becoming a parent, so having a doggie shower to celebrate with our closest friends and family stands to reason. Full of recipes for party food, rules for fun games, and decorations (all canine-themed, of course), this book gives readers a step-by-step guide to throwing a doggie shower that everyone can enjoy. With interactive planning ideas and plenty of pictures, readers will be more than ready to share their new four-legged friend with the world.

Each chapter of this book covers a different element to planning one’s first dog shower, from activities to catering and invitations to presentations. With plenty of photos and even cutout guidelines for some of the party games, this book leaves enough creative flexibility for the reader to go beyond the recipe in creating their own party or omitting activities that don’t appeal to them. At the same time, the framework displayed here imparts plenty of inspiration for creating a fun and inclusive event to celebrate the important occasion. While these parties are not yet common at this point, they are common sense upon consideration, and readers will quickly share in the enthusiasm of the author in the planning and arranging of such an event. The excited and encouraging tone used in the text builds similar feelings in the reader, and by the end, one can expect to be receiving just as many invites for doggie showers as those being sent out.

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