Don't Drop It
by Liliane C

"All we ask from you is that you take part in at least one activity or club in the school, whichever one you choose."

What begins as a school policy to help students get involved becomes the catalyst for one young teenager’s transformation. When Alex’s school requires everyone to join an extracurricular activity, she’s not sure how she will comply when she’s never been a part of any school activity. Before she can even rebel against the policy, a group of girls invites her to join a volleyball club in need of one more player. Despite her inexperience and lack of interest, she steps out of her comfort zone and gives it a try. With the other girls’ encouragement and friendship, Alex begins to enjoy the game and the comradery. She slips easily into a wholesome circle of teenage fun, games, and conversations.

Finding one’s tribe in the tumultuous high school years is crucial to a teenager’s development. Alex’s journey is wonderfully shared through her experience of joining the volleyball club and through the slow building of her friendships with practices, sleepovers, hanging out, and texting. The author does a great job depicting the process of building friendships around shared interests and enjoyment of each other’s personalities. Unlike so many young adult books, there is no cruelty here or heavy social issues to contend with, but rather the very mundane but very relatable process of finding friends and cultivating friendships through shared experiences. The writer captures that teenage experience with authenticity and understanding. This book is a timely story of girls finding purpose and power through team sports. Alex’s story will inspire young teens to try new activities as a means to connect with other people and to develop new parts of themselves.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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