The Dream Weaver
by Satyapal Anand
Trafford Publishing

"Questions do not always come clad in word costumes/For there's always a strange kinship/Between sun-baked earth/And first rain drops."

Renowned Urdu poet Satyapal Anand's powerful imagery and deep-rooted philosophical exploration is ever-present in the collection of poems that is The Dream Weaver. Perhaps Anand's strongest stylistic convention is the use of the metaphor to keep the reader's mind churning the myriad possible interpretations. Compelling metaphors include, but are not limited to "lizard of seriousness," the hand being a withered leaf, the new-born poem, eyes like cool sea shells, lying in the bosom of sweet dreams, and many more. The themes of the anthology range widely from the different paths life offer and yearning for one's childhood to embracing universal truths and examining the fundamental aspects of being human.

Though there are countless poems worthy of commendation, poems like "Coin," "Let the Past Bury Itself," and "The Dream Weaver," exhibit a multitude of intriguing elements. For instance, the poem "Coin" revolves around the notion of aging, and the comparison of a newly minted coin to a new-born baby. Though the coin is passed on from one individual to another, it is still, "fresh, shining, and bright."

"Let The Past Bury Itself" is a riveting piece that depicts the past as inevitably attached to an individual's present and future. The sheer amount of thought Anand has poured into his poetry is evident in this poem alone as it leaves readers mesmerized. Finally, "The Dream Weaver" unifies all of Anand's poetry; hence, it is the title of the compilation.

Overall, Satyapal Anand's narrative-style verse lifts the veil of illusion from reality in a creative and entertaining manner—a must read!

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