by R.R. Pravin

"Dreams are meant
To be seized by
The bravest of souls
Who put up a fight
For sweet victory"

R.R. Pravin's poems utterly convey the empathy he feels for unfortunate children in all corners of the globe, those regrettably plagued by medical complexities. Inspired in part by his medical training in pediatrics, Pravin's Dreamcatcher reveals the raw emotions and the impact from his time spent working with children in complex and palliative care, to which he fondly remembers as a "golden opportunity" and "the most enriching experience having witnessed the full kaleidoscope of events." In the title poem, Pravin encourages children to "Dare to dream your life story," a beautiful sentiment to any child who may not live a long life, but can still live life to its fullest.

Through the literary art of poetry, Pravin relies on the power of words to find some semblance of why innocent children fall prey to sickness and the ills of the world. Here, he offers them hope and inspiration of something else, perhaps something better, beyond their brief existence on this earth. Such is the case in "Peace in God's Prairie," where Pravin tenderly says:

Come the final hour,
When you cross your last bridge,
When you breathe your last,
When you say your last goodbye,
I hope I'll be strong for you
Just as you've been for me
Till you closed your eyes here
And opened your eyes in God's prairie

Pravin's poetry is therapeutic, giving voice to the "bravest of souls" while providing a catharsis for loss and grief. Deeply personal, Dreamcatcher is a breathtaking collection of poems dedicated to all the chronically or terminally ill children. Each poem is made more touching by a brief detail of the inspiration behind the poem. Interspersed throughout are family pictures of Pravin and others whom have influenced him, adding humor and insight to what Pravin is most grateful for in his life. This is an exquisite and tenderhearted read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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